Travel Packing Tips

Travel Packing Tips

We travel several times a year. I still use a check list every time.  It makes it so much simpler.  I have different lists for different trips. Start with the basics and build from there. Even the little things you always have. In the flurry of packing, good organization is key.  I love excel and use it for my packing lists. That way I can change them as needed and then print them. You can have them on your phone, but I still like a printed copy. I don’t travel super light. So don’t look here for those type of tips. I like to be comfortable. I am not backpacking around and suitcases wheel easily. 

My favorite tip is, take an extension cord. The plugs in the hotels never seem to be where you want, plus you can plug in more than one thing at a time to charge on one converter.  I like to take ziplock bags. If you think something you bring back might leak. 

 We mark our cords with decorative masking tape, so when we are traveling with others our cords stand out. If we are traveling by car to a stay with relatives, we might bring our own towels and sheets. That saves our hosts from extra laundry.

Here is a sample of a list if I am traveling out of the country

 Carry onclothesone outfit, in case your checked bags are delayed
 Carry ondocumentsFlight and travel info/Hotel Confirmations
 Carry ondocumentsImportant papers and travel documents
 Carry ondocumentspassport
 Carry ondocumentsphoto copy of Passport and other doc
 Carry onelectronicsCamera ( Charge it)
 Carry onelectronicsCamera gear, extra memory cards, batteries
 Carry onelectronicsear phones for music
 Carry onelectronicsI Pad
 Carry onelectronicsI phones
 Carry onelectronicslap top, mouse and Charger
 Carry onelectronicsphone chargers- one in checked
 Carry onelectronicsvideo Camera/ go pro and cables
to buyCarry onfoodgum or mints
 Carry onfoodsnacks
 Carry onglassesEyeglasses, lens cleaners
 Carry onglassesSunglasses
 Carry onmedicineblood pressure
to buyCarry onmedicineEnzymes
 Carry onmedicineeye drops
 Carry onmedicineIbuprofen
 Carry onmedicinemedicines, in their original, labeled containers
 checkedclothes7 pants
 checkedclothes7 shirts
 checkedclothescomfortable, casual clothing
 checkedclothesshoes, Comfortable walking shoes
to buycheckedclothesshoes, Dressier
 checkedclothes, Weathergloves
 checkedclothes, Weatherleggings
 checkedclothes, WeatherLightweight jacket/warm sweater/sweatshirt
 checkedclothes, Weatherlightweight rain gear
 checkedclothes, Weatherscarf
to buycheckedclothes, Weathershoes, water-resistant
to buycheckedclothes, Weatherumbrella
 checkedclothes, WeatherWinter hat
 checkedcomfortbubble wrap- for souvenirs
optcheckedcomfortheating pad
 checkedcomfortpillows- never leave home without my favorite pillow
 checkedcomfortziplock bags
 checkeddocTravel journal/notepad and/or reading material
 checkedelectronicsElectric converter/adapter for North American appliances (220V)
 checkedelectronicsextension cords
 checkedelectronicsSelfie stick
 checkedfoodinstant coffee
 checkedmedicinealka seltzer
to buycheckedmedicineimodium
optcheckedmiscday back pack
 checkedmiscsun hat or visor
 checkedToiletriesgold bond powder
 checkedToiletrieslaundry pen
 checkedToiletrieslaundry soap
 checkedToiletriesnail clippers
 checkedToiletriesnail file
 checkedToiletriesq tips
 checkedToiletriesSmall, basic sewing kit/extra buttons; pack scissors in checked bags
 checkedToiletriessun screen
 checkedToiletries haircurling iron
 checkedToiletries hairHair dryer
 checkedToiletries hairHairbrush
 checkedToiletries hairponytail holders
 checkedToiletries makeupmake up
 checkedToiletries showerbody wash
 checkedToiletries showerconditioner
 checkedToiletries showerDeo
 checkedToiletries showerFace soap
 checkedToiletries showerrazor
 checkedToiletries showershampoo
 checkedToiletries teethToothbrush
 checkedToiletries teethToothpaste