Travel Phone Apps

There are so many wonderful travel apps for your phone. I have found a few that we really use a lot. They make traveling so much easier. I have an iPhone, but I think most of these are available for all phones. Google Translate                 This app is AWESOME. It can translate 103 languages.  If you know you will not […]

Travel Packing Tips

We travel several times a year. I still use a check list every time.  It makes it so much simpler.  I have different lists for different trips. Start with the basics and build from there. Even the little things you always have. In the flurry of packing, good organization is key.  I love excel and use it for my packing […]

Arizona Travel Guide: Favorites

Arizona is a wonderful place to travel. My Favorite spot in Arizona is Sedona. it is a wonderful place to stay and you are a few hours from many spectacular places. Hiking is fun around Sedona. I love to walk around old town. Grand Canyon is beautiful. So many scenic places to stop and look. Right outside of Flagstaff, is […]