Travel Phone Apps

Travel Phone Apps

There are so many wonderful travel apps for your phone. I have found a few that we really use a lot. They make traveling so much easier. I have an iPhone, but I think most of these are available for all phones.

Google Translate

                This app is AWESOME. It can translate 103 languages.  If you know you will not have internet, you can download and have 59 languages ready on the go. It does 32 languages with two way instant speech translations. My favorite part of this app is, for 38 languages, you can use your camera, hold it over a sign and it will translate the sign for you. This works with menus, signs and anything written. This is so fun when you want to read something while in a different country.

Currency apps

                There are many currency apps, I use Unit Converter free. This app does currency, length, temperature, time, volume and a few other things. It is easy to use and versatile.

Flight view

                I have been using this app for many years. You can name a trip and then put in all of your flight info. It stays update to and tells when the flights are delayed and when they land. My husband and I share an account. When he would travel for work, I could keep an eye on whether the flight was running on time, early or late. It even has a screen where you can see where the plane is. When traveling, it tells you the gate and terminal number, weather, flight time and stays updated when on Wi-Fi or data. Airports have Wi-Fi, so no issue there. It has so many other features then I just listed. This is a must!

Maps ME– Traveling without data or cellular? Download needed offline maps before you go. Mark important places and when you get there, you are ready. No internet is required.  I use it on the plane, I download the maps of where I will fly over and I can track where I am.  We use it when walking around any city we are in and unfamiliar with. It even has public transportation on it.

Sports Tracker App

                iPhone has a app that tracks your steps. I wanted to see were we had gone and then I thought about using a workout app. There are many sports app that track your path as you walk or run. Turn on your app while you are wandering the streets of Paris and see where you went. I use Sports tracker and save the “workout”. It shows your path and you reference where you went either for the next day or when you get back home.

What’s App?

                iPhone to iPhone you can text while on Wifi, but if your friends have android phones, What’s App might be a good option too. It does text messaging, group chats, and free international phone calls. We used this before we had iPhones and it worked very well.


                Waze is a great GPS app for in town or out of town. It has traffic alerts, road hazards and construction. It uses current and up to date information by users, in real time. It gives arrival ETA using current traffic conditions. I use this to travel to and from work every day.

Airline apps

All airlines have phone apps. They can be very useful for your e- tickets and airline info. Some of these will access inflight entertainment, so be sure to download the app before you fly. Some of them will check your standby status and have interactive flight trackers.

Pocket Travel

this is a great app that has all of your needs.