10 must do fun things to do in Prague

10 must do fun things to do in Prague

10 must do fun things to do in Prague

We did a Viking Christmas Market River Cruise and a pre trip extension in Prague. We upgraded our hotel and stayed at the Augustine. It was the most wonderful old hotel right near everything. The Viking Concierge gave us a quick tour of nearby the hotel. There are so many fun things to do in Prague, we will need to go back and make another list.

1.  Charles Bridge early in the morning
There is something so special about the Saint Charles Bridge. I am not sure if it just being so far from home and a beautiful city or just the magic of the bridge itself. During the day it is very crowed and full of life. First thing in the morning or late in the evening there is hardly anyone around. You can stroll around and look at all of the statues and take a million pictures.

2.  Shopping Mall and a Movie
We didn’t plan on going to a modern shopping mall while in Prague, but the opening of Star Wars was during our visit, geek alert. What fun to see it before everyone back home and in Prague. The hotel concierge helped us buy tickets and told us which tram to take. It was an easy side route, we left a bit early in case. We had some time to check out the shopping mall. It was pretty fun just to see their malls are just like ours, even the same food court places to eat. However, to sit anywhere in the food court, you had to be a paying customer. We didn’t want to eat at Pizza hut or Mc Donald’s, and tried a Prague fast food Mexican, Asian and goulash place, why not see their version of Mexican food. It was a little different but the chicken was so tasty. On the way to the movie I lost my hat, so the next day we found a shopping mall near the Jewish Quarter.

3.  Astronomical Clock
A trip to Prague is not complete without seeing the Astronomical Clock. What a work of art and invention.

4.  Old town Prague
Old town is a charming cobblestone town fun to walk around and find little side streets and wander. Of course we still found first thing in the morning the best time to avoid crowds. Although it is fun to see all of the hustle bustle of tourists mid-day.

5.  Stay at the Augustine Hotel
This luxury hotel is between Prague Castle and a 2 minute walk to the St Charles Bridge. It dates back to 1284 and has a brewery established 1352. Seems Like every room is a little different from each other, but all beautiful.

6.  Wander the Mala Strana area
Mala Strana area, lesser Town, is right under the Prague castle. We enjoyed the John Lennon wall off the main street as well as a few good restaurants. We had yummy Goulash at U Glaubica in the 700 year old cellar right by the tram station.

7.  In Dec Visit the Christmas Markets
We asked around and found that Christmas Market in front of the Church of Saint Ludmila was not touristy. It was our favorite Christmas market in Prague. The local school children were there with their teachers buying Christmas treats. We were able to walk there from the hotel through Wenceslas Square. There were Christmas Markets everywhere.

8. Take a stroll on the island off the Legions bridge
This a fun little island in the middle of the river with winding park paths and different views of the city across the river.

9. Tour the Lobkowicz Palace
Lobkowicz Palace is a 16th century palace with a fascinating history. The Castle is on the hill overlooking Prague and offers amazing views of the area. The Museum offers audio tours you can go at your own pace.

10.  See the Jewish quarter

Bonus  Wenceslas Square

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